As the cornerstone of our community, integrity shapes every facet of our society—from our dance floors to our relationships and beyond. We are dedicated to fostering a culture of honesty, respect, and fairness, ensuring that the spirit of ballroom dancing is celebrated in an environment where everyone feels valued, safe, and empowered to shine. 

Upholding the Highest Standards 

We hold ourselves and our members to the highest ethical standards. Our commitment to integrity is reflected in our: 

Ethical Leadership 

Our leadership team embodies our core values, leading by example and guiding the society with integrity and vision. We are committed to: 

Community Responsibility 

We believe in the power of our community to make a positive impact, both within the world of dance and beyond. Our commitment to integrity extends to: 

Our Pledge to You 

As a member of the Society of Australian Teachers of Dancing, you are part of a community that values integrity above all. Together, we pledge to: 

Join Us in Upholding Integrity 

We invite every member of our society to join us in this commitment to integrity. Your actions, both big and small, contribute to the fabric of our community and the legacy of ballroom dancing in Australia. Together, let’s dance with integrity, passion, and respect, creating a legacy that future generations will be proud to inherit. 

For further information on our policies, to report a concern, or to learn more about how you can contribute, please visit our Contact Us page.