Our mission is to celebrate and nurture the rich tapestry of dance in Australia by fostering inclusivity, excellence, and innovation in both the Professional and Amateur streams of dance. We aim to connect communities through the universal language of dance, providing opportunities for learning, sharing, and experiencing the diverse dance cultures that thrive within and beyond our borders.

By advocating for the preservation and evolution of both traditional and contemporary dance forms, we commit to enriching the lives of individuals and communities, promoting health and well-being, and ensuring that dance remains a vibrant and integral part of Australia’s cultural heritage and future.

Strategic Objectives 2024 / 2025

To further promote the continued expansion of all styles of dance within the Australian & NZ communities.

To increase professional membership by promoting the society as an alternative stand-alone professional society with affiliations with ADB & WDC – offering full professional accreditation examinations and mentorship.

The advancement of competitive dance styles through continued promotion of dance competitions and social dance curriculum throughout the Australian and NZ dance community.

Board of Directors

John Goding
President, Treasurer

Lyn Evans

Cheryll Roberts
Vice President, Assistant Secretary

Sue Hilyander
Vice President

Ray Stuart

Michael Maher

Geoff Moloney

Gary Roberts

Sue Wood

Special Appointments

Don Kersnovske
Advisor to the Board

Peter Campbell

Alec Moloney
IT & Website Consultant

Notable Contributions

We recognise and extend our thanks to the below individuals for their enduring contributions to the society.

Don Herbison-Evans, Past Webmaster