Event conditions

The following event conditions apply to all SATD Dance Festivals and Social Events.

  1. No livestreaming is permitted.
  2. The SATD may select photos/videos taken by an SATD authorized person at SATD Festivals and Socials for use on the SATD website and Facebook Page. If you have any objections, please advise us in writing at the Festival or Social.
  3. ADB Syllabus Figure restrictions and Arm Line restrictions in both New Vogue and Classical Sequence apply in all Registered E Grade events in all age groups.
  4. ADB Dress Code restrictions apply in all Registered E Grade events (Street Dress only permitted for E Grade only events).
  5. Registered Age and Grade Events may be combined if insufficient entries are received.
  6. Events where no entries have been received by closing date may be deleted from the program.
  7. No restrictions apply in Professional and Pupil, or Individual, or Social, or Open to All, or Novelty events unless otherwise stated.
  8. Dress is optional for all competitors excluding Registered E Grade as detailed in item number 4.
  9. All events are restricted to grade and age group as listed unless otherwise announced on the day.
  10. Competitors must be in the marshalling area 2 events prior to their scheduled event.
  11. The SATD accepts no responsibility for your personal property.
  12. No Studio Floor advertising is permitted at any SATD event.
  13. Permission is required from SATD to sell dancing accessories or to distribute advertising at SATD Festivals and Socials.
  14. Advertising in SATD programs is available on request. Competitive rates apply.
  15. The SATD may refuse entry to any person whose entry is considered to provoke a breach of the peace.