bar 9, beat 4
(author with partner Anna Piper)

La Bomba

A New Vogue sequence Tango
Approved as a Championship Dance by DanceSport Australia

Music: 4/4, 160 beats per minute, 16 bar choruses.

Original choregraphy by Jack Kennedy, Sydney, 1938,
as a Square Rumba (bars 7 & 8, the "Wheel", being originally a "Reverse Top").
Revised choreography as a Tango by Neville Boyd OAM, Sydney, 1978.

Notated in Labanotation
by Don Herbison-Evans ( )

Also available in machine-readable form for 3D interactive animation using LINTEL

(updated 9 November 2012, 1 May 2014)

animation of man's steps

animation of woman's steps