Don Herbison-Evans


NAME: Donald Herbison-Evans


UK :-

52 Newnham Road,
Leamington Spa CV32 7SW
Australia :- 334 Greenhill Road,
Queensland 4738,


+44 7518 484 465
+44 1926 423 837



August 1937,
Birmingham, U.K.


180 cms.


81 Kgms.




Australian, British.


1950 - 1955 King Edward's School, Birmingham, U.K. King Edward's Scholarship
Foundation Scholarship

1957 - 1963 St. John's College, Oxford

Open Scholarship
State Scholarship
Yardley Scholarship
Birmingham City Scholarship

1956 Certificate "Radio Engineering", City & Guilds

1961 B.A. Chemistry (Hons, 1st Class)
1963 M.A.
1963 D. Phil. by thesis entitled

"Some Chemical Applications of Magnetic Resonance".

1984 - 1990 Diploma in Dance Education

Sydney Dance Development Centre.

2003 Entomology 1, University of Sydney

2008 Coaching-0, DanceSport Australia
2010 Coaching-1, International Latin American, DanceSport Australia
2012 Coaching-1, International Standard Ballroom, DanceSport Australia


English, Latin, French (High School level)


HTML, C, C++, Pascal, Fortran, Basic, Cobol, Algol


1955 - 1957 Royal Air Force (National Service) For this period, I worked as an Air Wireless Fitter, doing repair and maintenance on electronic devices in a variety of aircraft, as well as spending some time as an instructor.

1963 - 1967 Senior Research Fellow, Civil Service,
Satellite Microwave Communications Group.
Signals Research & Development Establishment,
Christchurch, U.K.

My main activity in this job was the design of microwave systems for both passive and active satellite communications. This involved the application of electromagnetic theory to a variety of situations and components, and substantial computer programming for the evaluation of complex integrals and various types of Bessel functions.

1967 - 1971 Post Doctoral Research Fellow,
Astronomy Department, University of Sydney,

This work involved the use of the Stellar Interferometer located at Narrabri, NSW. I was also responsible in part for its maintenance. In addition, I worked on the interpretation of the observations made on binary stars, involving considerable programming by computer of problems in celestial mechanics, multiparameter minimisation, and Fourier Transforms.

1971 - 1990 Lecturer (1981: Senior Lecturer)
Basser Department of Computer Science, University of Sydney

During this period, I taught courses and supervised projects at undergraduate, Honours, and postgraduate levels, on a variety of computer science topics.

2008-2013 Assistant Teacher
Byrnes Dance Image, Granville

During this period, I taught Standard Ballroom, Latin-American, New Vogue, and Wedding Waltz.


88 Published articles,
48 Technical Reports.


  1984  "Nuclear Threat"      SDDC                     Seymour Centre, Sydney
  1985  "Nuclear Threat"      SDDC                     Michael Fowler Theatre, Wellington
  1987  "Walking & Falling"   Freelance Dance Company  Broadwalk Theatre, Sydney
  1987  "Prompt Side"         Freelance Dance Company  Civic Theatre, Orange
  1987  "Celebrations"        SDDC                     Opera House, Sydney
  1988  "Recital"             SDDC                     Greenhalgh Theatre, Sydney
  1990  "Petite Performance"  SDDC                     Greenhalgh Theatre, Sydney
  2005  "Ballroom and Latin"  Christmas in July        Concord RSL

Petite Performance
"The Haunted Ballroom"


         1987 Standard Ballroom     Bronze, Silver
         1987 Latin American        Bronze, Silver
         1987 New Vogue             Bronze, Silver
   1 May 1988 New Vogue             Gold          
  25 Jun 1989 Standard Ballroom     Gold          
  17 Nov 1991 Latin American        Gold          
   5 Apr 1998 Exhibition Ballroom   Silver        
  23 Nov 2004 Exhibition Ballroom   Gold         
Latin American Gold Standard Modern Ballroom Gold


  • 1978 "Computers for Dance", 10x2 hours, Australian College of Physical Education
  • 1971-89 "Computers and Dance", Honours and Post-Graduate Project Supervision, University of Sydney
  • 1999 "Dance and Notation", Occasional Lecture, Dance Degree Course, Australian College of Physical Education
  • 2000 "Dance and Technology", Presentation to "Stamping Ground", Dance Camp, Bellingen

  • 1988 1st: Bundaberg Sugar Coast Festival: Senior Open (Standard Ballroom)
  • 1988 1st: Bundaberg Sugar Coast Festival: Senior Open (Latin-American)
  • 1989 1st: Goulburn Dance Festival: Senior 15 dance (3 styles)
  • 1989 1st: Diamant Dance Titles, Gosford : Over 50 (3 Styles)
  • 1990 1st: Steel City Titles, Newcastle : Senior Open (Latin-American)
  • 1992 1st: Hunter Valley Festival, Maitland : Heritage Senior Trophy (3 styles)
  • 1996 1st: Coffs Harbour Festival: Senior Trophy (3 styles)
  • 1998 1st: Taree Dance Titles: Senior Trophy (3 styles)
  • 1999 Gold: New Zealand Masters Games, Wanganui : DanceSport section (Showdance)
  • 1999 1st: Novocastrian Titles: Senior Trophy (3 styles)
  • 2000 Gold: New Zealand Masters Games, Dunedin : DanceSport section (Showdance)
  • 2000 1st: ANDA Summer Festival: Senior Trophy (3 styles)
  • 2000 1st: Novocastrian Titles: Senior Trophy (3 styles)
  • 2002 1st: Bundaberg Coral Coast Classic: Argentine Tango
  • 2002 1st: FATD Championships: Masters II Open (Latin-American)
  • MEMBERSHIPS: previously

    Fellow, Australian Computer Society,
    Fellow, Royal Astronomical Society,
    Fellow, Royal Society for Chemistry.


    1971-2006 Collecting, rearing, photographing Australian Caterpillars; Donated many photographs, specimens and records to the Macleay Museum, University of Sydney.

    1983 "Digital Duet"

    presented Pas-de-Deux between a live and a computed dancer
    for Closing Ceremony, 10th Australian Computer Conference,
    Concert Hall, Melbourne

    1989 "Dance Gallery"

    designed and operated lighting for
    Children's Recital, SDDC, Greenhalgh Theatre, Kuring-gai College.

    2004 "The Butterfly Man"

    6 minute documentary directed by Samantha Rebillet

    2006 "Butterfly Man"

    60 minute ABC radio interview by Richard Fidler

    (updated 28 July 2021)