Comforting thoughts

Don Herbison-Evans ,

  • The trouble with Capitalism is that too many employers confuse 'employ' with 'exploit'.

  • The trouble with Socialism is that it offers too little incentive to do a good job.

  • Having broken their promises, the stupidity of a politician is in proportion to their feigned surprise when their integrity is impugned.

  • If a physical disease can have a psychosomatic cause,
    then a physical disease can have a psychosomatic cure.

  • Big words mean much to a few, but little to too many.

  • If God had meant for humans to fly, He would have given them the brains to design machines in which to do it.

  • Before asking if God exists, first determine how you decide if 'zero' exists.

  • The trouble with writing a computer program is
    that there are so few people to blame when it fails.

  • Beautiful music feels lonely without dancers to keep it company.

  • When dancing,
    1. never try to step with the foot on which you are standing,
    2. never try to turn on a foot on which you are not standing, and
    3. never dance when you are too tired to know whether you are adhering to principles 1 and 2.

  • A dancer with no injuries has not been trying hard enough.

  • A poem sleeps until its music awakens it into a song.

  • The mindset of people in various disciplines might be characterised by the dominant dimensionality of thought needed to perform their work. Thus for example:
    Computer Programmers typically need to think in one dimensional character strings.
    Engineers and Architects are inclined to reduce everything to two dimensional drawings.
    Sculptors and Surgeons need to think in three dimensions.
    Four dimensions are the domain of Dancers.

  • The main difference between children and adults is that children make messes and adults clear them up.

  • Animals don't know when they've made a mess.
    Children know but feel unable to clear it up.
    Adults clear up their own messes out of self pride.
    Parents clear up the messes of their children and themselves.
    Many people make a living clearing up the messes of others: like cleaners, medics, lawyers, and police.
    Conservationists aspire to cleaning up the messes of everyone.

  • Universities are places of learning, not places of teaching.

  • Throughout their school and undergraduate careers, students are given problems to solve, the answers to which are known.
    Only when they study for a postgraduate degree are they offered problems for which the answers are not known.
    One of the main tasks of university academics is to guide their postgraduate students into this unknown, giving them the tools needed for coping with the greatest unknown of all : the future.

    (updated 14 October 2003, 26 August 2017)