Don Herbison-Evans,
M.A., D.Phil. (oxon), Dip. Dance Ed. (Sydney)

Don Herbison-Evans has previously been :


  • A Curriculum Vitae
  • An Autobiography

    Currently he is :

    He is the author of the NUDES computer animation system. He has recently been co-lecturing Introduction to Computer Graphics at the University of Technology Sydney.
    Some of his movies can be accessed on YouTube.

    His 91 publications and technical reports to date range over:

  • Nuclear Magnetic Resonance
  • Microwave Antenna Design
  • Numerical Analysis
  • Computer Graphics
  • Computer Animation
  • Dance, and
  • Dance Notation

    His on-line webpages include:


  • A program that prints itself
  • Solving Quartic and Cubic Equations
  • Animated Cartoons by Computers Using Ellipsoids
  • Rapid Raster Ellipsoid Shading
  • The NUDES animation System
  • 4D Computer Output
  • The Perspective Transformation
  • Why do we sleep?
  • Consciousness

  • Dance and the Computer
  • Computer Animation of the Merrilyn
  • Robots and Dancing
  • Objectifying Information About Dance
  • Digital Duet
  • A Dancer Among Us
  • LED & LINTEL: A Windows Labanotation Editor and Interpreter
  • Revised Grammar for the Foxtrot
  • A Ballet Animation Language
  • Symmetry and Dance
  • Symmetry in Ballroom Dancing
  • Perception of the Fleeting Moment in Dance
  • Gender & Choreography: An Irrational Tango
  • History of Modern Ballroom Dancing
  • History of Latin & American Dancing
  • Scottish Country Dancing
  • Noh Dancing
  • English Old Time Dancing
  • Exhibition Dancing
  • Ballroom Dance Studios Sydney
  • Ballroom Dance Studios NSW and ACT
  • Ballroom Dancing in Sydney
  • Australian Dance Links
  • Australian New Vogue Dancing on the Web
  • Dancing in the Olympics 2000 Closing Ceremony
  • Dinosaurs Dancing in the Country
  • Australia vs New Zealand Showcase
  • Vale: Brian Cumming
  • Music for Dancing,
  • Waltzing on a KDF9,
  • The Australian Dance Heritage
  • Meaning in the 'Twilight Waltz',
  • Meaning in the New Vogue Tangos,
  • Holds in the computer animation of New Vogue Dances,
  • Dancing Backwards in High Heels and Other Problems in Animation
  • The Intelligent Body
  • Dancing is not normal
  • Some Theory of Ballroom Dancing
  • The Souls of the Dances
  • Dancing away Dementia
  • Lady Whispering.
  • A Step.
  • Quality of Movement.
  • Widdershins.

  • Avoiding Sleep Apnea
  • Comforting Thoughts
  • A Father's Lament
  • The Interferometer
  • Caterpillars of Australian Moths and Butterflies
  • Why Can't I Slow Down
  • Some Big Australian Roadside Attractions,
  • Global Warming

  • Gravitation in the Hydrogen Atom
  • Gravitational Atoms
  • Measuring Pi
  • Weighing Electrons
  • A Matter of Gravity
  • The Origin of Mass
  • Negative Mass
  • Photon Decay
  • The Universe and the Human Mind
  • God or Machine?
  • His other interests include:

  • various forms of Dancing
  • keeping fresh and salt water native Australian aquaria
  • UFO's,
  • Flowers
  • Birds

    His abiding academic obsession has been the design and study of languages for the description and prescription of human movement. Deciding that dancers have been designing sytems for communicating human movement for centuries, he has been learning and studying many forms of dance :

  • Ballroom Dancing (Masters II Level 4, 25 years, many teachers, latterly Paul Cruddas, Sydney)
  • Latin & American Dancing (Masters II Level 4, 25 years, many teachers, currently Neale & Nicole Byrnes, Sydney)
  • New Vogue Dancing (Masters II Level 4, 23 years, many teachers, latterly Leigh Steele, Sydney)
  • Classical Ballet (7 years, many teachers, latterly Ann Butt-D'Hau, Sydney)
  • Contemporary Modern Dance (5 years, many teachers, latterly Ann Butt-D'Hau, Sydney)
  • Jazz Dancing (5 years, many teachers, most recently Savva Emanon, Sydney)
  • Contact Improvisation (5 years, many teachers, most recently Pru Jones, Sydney)
  • Tap (5 years, many teachers, most recently Peggy Watson, Sydney)
  • Clogging (1 year, with Sonya Volzke, Bundaberg)
  • Exhibition Dancing (6 years, with George Czender, Sydney)
  • Folk Dancing (1 year, Kitchener-Waterloo Folk Dance Club)
  • Sacred Dance (6 months, with Nina De Shane, Toronto)
  • Argentine Tango (4 months, with Neville Boyd, Sydney)
  • Scottish Country Dancing (3 months, with Olivia Roberts, Sydney)
  • Square Dancing (3 months, with Shirley Kelly, Bundaberg)
  • Renaissance Dance (3 months, with Waterloo University Renaissance Dancers)
  • Break Dance (3 months, Newport Community Centre, Sydney)
  • Line Dancing (10 classes, Kay Longhurst, Brisbane)
  • English Old Time Dancing (Adult D Grade, 2 lessons, Brad Cherrie, Patrick Sweeney, Sydney)
  • Round Dancing (3 classes with Shirley Kelly, Bundaberg)


  • Labanotation (3 years, Rhonda Ryman, Ronne Arnold and Drid Williams)
  • Benesh Dance Notation (18 months, Rhonda Ryman, Waterloo)

    57 images of dance history, from cave paintings to computer animation


    (updated 19 March 2023)